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Lens based artist, and visual story teller,
My aim is to picture and to create emotion.
To seek beauty in all places,
To sketch, to evoke.
To explore the limits of light and dark.
To play on the edge of motion.
And let the viewer's imagination make up the story.

* * *

Born in Athens, Paris based, Engineer by description, Photographer by passion, Beauty and Light seeker by conception.

I have been playing with a camera since my teen years. Later on I spent about 10 years painting. The last 10 years I am passionate and seriously committed to photography again.

As a consequence of my painting practice, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what photography can be. Using light as the raw material, my work seeks to explore the limits of photography in relation to drawing, painting and sculpture through the language of abstraction.
I use long exposure and intentional camera movement as means to simplify and abstract images.
This way of working is controllable to a certain degree, but still has a great deal of unpredictability about it. Post processing is generally limited. I prefer to achieve the structure, detail and composition she wants when shooting.

I have participated in exhibitions in France and in Greece.
Works of mine have also been published in a web magazine & a tourist guidebook.

I carry a camera every day almost in any situation.

Light capturing is one of the reasons I exist.

* * *

Limited edition prints available, numbered and signed
For prints, licensing, or project inquiries contact@katerinaphotographies.com

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May 2019




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